It was a turnaround year for the business.How did it happen?

We simply turned Back To Basics, to the fundamentals of our business.

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Chairmen's Message

Dear Shareholders,

It is a real pleasure to report on a year of transformational performance by your Company in what was a passive external environment for the food and service industry. Our success can be attributed largely to our relentless focus on executing the strategic blueprint we had outlined at the beginning of FY 2018.

“The launch of ‘All New Domino’s’ - a comprehensive upgrade of our pizza quality - was among the most important development in this regard.

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Fundamentals matter,particularlyin business.

The reasons are not hard to find.

Enterprises face rapidly changing market conditions and increasingly competitive business environments. Focussing on Fundamentals provides clarity in this complex world. Fundamentals help enterprises plan and prepare for the uncertain and to overcome challenges; they help reinstate and guide back businesses to the right path when they stray.

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Case Study

How about our Mozzarella Cheese?

Only the best is used on a Domino’s Pizza.

Our Mozzarella Cheese is made from 100% real milk procured from farmers across the country.Take a look how.

Milk generated at the village level by hundreds of farmers like Govind.

Sent to milk collection centre of the dairy manufacturer.

Tested for quality and shipped in chilled storage tanks to milk processing plants.

Stringent quality checks re-conducted before the milk is taken up for processing.

Converted into mozzarella cheese at state of the art facilities of India’s best cheese processing companies; all facilities are FSMS (food safety management systems) certified.

The mozzarella cheese from the plants of Dairy manufacturers is sent to our warehouses across the country for storage.

The mozzarella cheese again goes through quality & food safety check at our warehouses before it’s certified to be used in our restaurants.

Board of Directors

Management Team