Corporate Governance Report

Company's Philosophy on Corporate Governance

The Corporate Governance philosophy of the Company is driven by the interest of stakeholders, focus on fairness, transparency and business needs of the organization. Corporate governance is quintessential for the enhancement of shareholder value, protection of interest of the public shareholders, growth, profitability and stability of any business. Aligning itself to this philosophy, the Company has placed Corporate Governance on a high priority.

The highlights of the Company’s Corporate Governance regime are:

  • The Company believes that an active, well-informed and independent Board is necessary to ensure high standards of Corporate Governance. The Company has optimum mix of Executive and Non-Executive Directors including Women Directors.
  • Constitution of several Committees for focused attention and proactive flow of information, enables the Company to ensure expedient resolution of diversified matters.
  • Established Code of Conduct for Directors and Senior Management as also for employees of the Company.
  • Established Code of Conduct for Prevention of Insider Trading.
  • Established Whistle Blower Mechanism which act as a neutral and unbiased forum for Directors, Employees and Business Partners of the Company and its subsidiary(ies).
  • Employees Stock Option Schemes – to attract, reward and retain key executive employees.
  • Code of Conduct for Suppliers with regards to compliance with laws, ethical business practices and fair treatment of people and surroundings.
  • Business excellence through various initiatives like Lean Six Sigma, innovations both in processes and products, customer delight etc.
  • Regular communication with members, including e-mailing of financial results, press releases, annual report etc.
  • Endeavor to continuously contribute to social and environmental spheres through various CSR programs creating shared values.
Corporate Governance Report