Back to basics

It was a turnaround year for the business.How did it happen? We simply turned Back To Basics, to the fundamentals of our business.We went back to our customers, listened to their feedback with humility and responded to what they said.

Our customers wanted to be able to buy Domino’s whenever they wanted to, they were asking for value for money every single day. In response, we introduced the Every Day Value proposition on our pizzas.

We followed it up with a comprehensive improvement of the Pizzas we serve – we changed the crust to make it softer and tastier, we put in bigger and more toppings, we added more cheese and changed the tomato sauce to make it herbier.

Recognising that just a good product is not enough, we improved the overall customer experience.

Our ordering experience improved significantly as we introduced new centralised call centres for order taking. Consistent and timely delivery had always been our strength, and we improved on it further last year.

What’s more, we kept a close watch on costs, and challenged ourselves to be more frugal and efficient.

And we were rewarded for our efforts.

Same-store sales increased significantly on the back of higher ordering frequency and stronger new customer acquisition. Our margins improved both on account of greater efficiencies as also increased operating leverage. Most encouragingly, we had happier customers as reflected in our customer experience scores which showed a significant improvement, both in Delivery and in Dine-In.

Fundamentals can never be overrated.

At JFL, we could not agree more.