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Digital Annual Report 17-18

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Launched in India in April 2012, today Dunkin’ Donuts has become a favourite brand for Donut, Coffee and Burger lovers across the country.

Nothing pairs better with coffee like a donut. Try from a delectable range of donuts like Death by Chocolate, Alive by Chocolate, It’s a Mistake, Break-up Party Éclair, Ugly Strawberry, Boston Crème or the Classic Glazed Donut.

Refuel with our legendary coffees, and strike a chord with the Bangalore Start-up Coffee. The Jamaican Rum n’ Almonds Dunkaccino will intoxicate your taste buds, and our Mocha chip Dunkaccino will put the pep back in to your step. When you need that extra punch go with the Tough Guy Cappuccino. For days that make you feel blue, try the sinful Therapeutic Cappuccino to get you back in the game. Cool-off with the Virgin Mojito Coolatta, satisfy cravings with a creamy Latte, treat yourself to some Hot Chocolate, or add a spin with the Spiked Iced Tea. When you need a break from all the clichés, try one of Dunkin’ Originals. Hot or cold, we’ve got something for when life plays you hot n’ cold. Discover a new favorite today.

Start your day with a satisfying breakfast sandwich. Find your favorite combination of croissants with garden fresh veggies, or paprika chicken salami.

Pair up with some crispy Tex Mex Potato Wedges. For the big hunger, demand a Too Much Burger. When you feel like celebrating even the smallest of achievements, call for a Big Joy Burger. If what you need is a little love, The Naughty Lucy Burger will give you the comfort you’re craving. If what you’re looking for is a sharp kick, you can always try the Wicked Wraps. Take your pick, and brace for impact.

Jubilant, Dunkin' DonutsJubilant, Dunkin' Donuts

‘Dunkin’ Donuts has more than 9,700 restaurants globally in 31 countries.’