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Digital Annual Report 17-18

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With an objective to “Connect with the Community”, we strive to add value to the communities at large by undertaking various programs. Some of them are:

1. Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan – Clean India Campaign
Clean our Neighborhoods program

Supporting the national agenda of Swachh Bharat, Jubilant FoodWorks has set its goal to contribute towards the campaign by leveraging its business strengths of being largely consumer connected brand and of being present at prominent market paces in urban India. Jubilant FoodWorks with its two major brands Dominos Pizzas and Dunkin Donuts is committed to drive the agenda within the sphere of its business influence enveloping more than 27,000+ employees of Dominos and Dunkin Donuts family along with business partners in 197 cities across the country and more than 7 million followers/ consumers spread across the country.
A nationwide campaign been launched flagged off at Central Park, Connaught Place, New Delhi marking significant leadership presence of Mr. Hari Bhartia, Co-Chairman , Jubilant FoodWorks Limited, Mr. Ajay Kaul CEO, Jubilant FoodWorks Limited and Mr.Arun Jaitley, Minister of Finance, Corporate Affairs and Information and Broadcasting. Driving its leadership efforts to the ground level, messages from the CEO inspired the employees to mark themselves as a responsible citizen, thereby taking mass pledges to keep their surroundings, city and overall the country clean. Leadership efforts also began to synchronize at various restaurant locations led by Head of departments motivating employees to ‘Be the Change’. Local municipal health officers, senior members from public sanitation and health departments, members from local rotary clubs, police inspectors, dean of civil hospitals etc. were some of the many members who participated and were part of the drive.
With an ambition to be ‘the most loved company in the community on social contribution’, this launch aimed to bring together all its direct stakeholders and engage them to support the national agenda of “Be the Change”. It also resulted as an attempt to bring about a behavioral change and create awareness on Clean India. Thus, echoing the nationwide campaign on Swachhta Diwas launched at the Corporate Office of JFL, employees from Domino’s pizza and Dunkin Donuts put a step forward in taking ownership to clean the immediate vicinity outside their restaurant areas. Additionally, many areas took extra efforts taken by employees to build significant contribution in their nearby community. Many restaurants cleaned public areas, railway stations and platforms, hospital areas etc. thereby networking with the local authorities and representatives, thus building an imperative connect with the community and spreading an impactful and responsible brand communication across.
The target community areas for the immediate next four quarters are as follows:
• Local/ neighborhood market
• Hospitals/ Resident Welfare Associations
• Historical places/ parks
• Bus stands/ railway stations

“We Care” a beach cleaning initiative post Ganesh Immersion Ceremony

When we say “We Care”, we really mean it! While we are determined to delight our guests, we are equally committed towards society and that drives us to create a positive impact in the community where we operate.
‘We Care’ is one of such CSR initiatives carried out by JFL in the 18 earmarked cities spread across Goa, Gujarat, Nagpur, Amravati, Jabalpur & Maharashtra. It was a cleaning drive post Ganesh Immersion ceremony wherein restaurant teams voluntarily contributed their time and efforts for the cause showing our commitment towards environmental sustainability.
The drive was also recognized and appreciated by local corporations, government bodies, administrative agencies, etc. At the same time, the campaign saw great amount of coverage in both print and electronic media.

Dustbin installation program
Whilst creating and launching cleaning drives and awareness generation on keeping the community clean, JFL has found it viable to provide and dedicate physical resources that can involve the immediate community stakeholders around. There is lack of proper waste disposal resources, most importantly public dustbins that can be used to dispose waste in a proper manner. Given the lack of this resource access and people behavior, waste is easily disposed on to the ground resulting in collection of garbage and waste in and around the community areas. This in addition, also results in spreading disease spreading germs and various other health illnesses. To bring about a change in this situation on a resource based and behavioral change, JFL has initiated installation of over 100 dustbins at public places around the restaurant premise areas. It shall also strive to see that the dustbins are properly used, thus promoting its use within the employees, guests and other community people. Over 100 dustbins are being installed in Phase I outside our restaurants in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore that have cctv cameras outside.
Swachhta Guru Program
The Swachhta Guru Program is an extension of the Swachh Bharat Abhyaan Programme – Clean India Mission under the Company Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme. The program’s main aim is promoting clean and hygienic surroundings at all operations level.
• To promote clean and hygienic surrounding at the restaurant internally as well as externally
• To imbibe the significance of cleanliness amongst employees and thereby align the resources towards the mission of Clean India
• To create a competitive spirit with respect to cleaning agenda within the restaurant teams

Rag pickers development program
Jubilant Foodworks Limited has undertaken a social development program focusing on health, hygiene and education. Learning the needs of the community and creating meaningful impact, JFL has identified urban slum communities in areas of Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. This program is being undertaken in partnership with an NGO (Ashadeep Foundation) on the WASH parameters (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene). In these slum communities, there is a majority of rag pickers whose livelihood depends on waste disposal and rag picking and selling done within the community area. However, whilst depending on this livelihood option, they are subjected to a number of risks that deeply affect important elements of health, sanitation, and water and children education. JFL has set its goal benefitting a total of 300 families in each of these slums communities, thus making a significant impact on the needs and development of these communities.

2. National Road Safety Awareness Program

Road Safety is one of our primary focus areas, considering the fact that most of our business activities revolve around delivery. Our commitment to “Road Safety” is reflected from the large plethora of social activities undertaken by us across the country focusing on Safe Driving.

During the National Road Safety Week, we have undertaken a National Level Road Safety Program in 16 major cities across the country with the respective Traffic Police Authorities supporting the United Nations Action for the Decade of Road Safety.


Domino’s Traffic Volunteers creating mass awareness      Road Safety Awareness campaign in Ahmedabad
In Delhi

A part of the program, various mass sensitization activities were undertaken by Domino’s Traffic Volunteers for creating awareness about traffic rules, especially for promoting safe driving in collaboration with the respective Traffic Police Authorities in the major cities of the country.

The program provided a platform for various representatives of the society (Government, NGOs, Youth, Children and Society at large) to synergise their efforts together towards the common cause of Road Safety.
With an aim to take this message forward, we have launched “Road Safety Cards” for the dine-in guests at our restaurants to give a personalized message on road safety.

This is in addition to the various other programs undertaken by us throughout the year on Road Safety at various places across the length and breadth of the country.

3. Employability
Samarth – Skill Development Program

With an aim to enhance the skills of unemployed youths by providing them vocational training, thereby making them employable and self-dependant, we have successfully launched and implemented the Samarth-Skill development program. In partnership with an NGO working on skills development, we have managed to provide employment opportunities to deserving young people who found it difficult to find employment. Samarth has proved to be a beneficial initiative by including employees of the company to play a major role in reaching out to such young men and women and creating a valuable difference in their lives. Till date, we have trained about 1000 unemployed youths.

Inclusive Development of People with Disabilities
With an aim to provide equitable opportunity to Persons with Disabilities for their inclusive development and growth, we have initiated the “Inclusive Employment Program for PwDs”. To date, we have recruited more than 200 people having hearing and speech impairment across the country in our restaurants.
In order to further institutionalize this program, we are the first company in India to institutionalize the Inclusive Development of People-with-Disabilities and have developed the online training module to sensitize our employees on:
• Workplace Sensitization
• Basics of Sign Language
• Domino’s Buzz Words


As part of the food business, we understand what HUNGER means and thus have been doing our bit to fight against the national agenda of malnutrition in India and support the nation in developing a ‘tomorrow where nobody sleeps hungry’.
With a PAN India presence through a strong network of more than 700 stores in the country and a committed focus towards CSR, we have undertaken a number of social activities for feeding the less privileged over past few couple of years in various parts of the country.
To mark the World Food Day, we supported the National Food Donation Program with our corporate employee volunteerism and donated to the India Food Bank Network (IFBN) for feeding the underprivileged community.

SAHYOG Campaign

In order to support the victims of various natural disasters, we have organized a SAHYOG Campaign where the employees of Domino’s Pizza & Dunkin Donuts have donated a part of their salary towards the cause in addition to the matching contribution by the company. Besides this, we also provided a platform for our employees to donate non-perishable food for the flood victims.

Building ‘Good Neighborhood’

With a zeal to ‘build good relationships with the community where we serve’, we have taken a large no. of store level social initiatives, some of which we are proud to enumerate below:
We have been constantly working for ‘Build Relationships and Spread Happiness” especially to those who need it the most. Across the country, our people have made their best possible efforts to share the joy of living with orphans, people at old-age homes and other less privileged ones.
We believe in celebrating life by celebrating small moments of joy. Carrying forward the same tradition, we have celebrated special days with the underprivileged people thereby sharing our happiness with them viz. Mother’s day, Children’s day, Independence Day, many regional and national festivals.
We always walk an extra mile to foster our relationships with the community and have been associated with the various social campaigns at different points of time like ‘Save a Girl Child’, ‘Save Water’, ‘Save Environment’, ‘Awareness for HIV/AIDS’, ‘Reduce Pollution’, ‘Go Green’, etc.

Employee Engagement and Volunteerism Program:
To encourage employee volunteerism towards CSR, specific Annual CSR Calendars are launched for different groups of employees considering their skill sets and volunteering possibilities.
With this employee driven process, we are able to introduce innovative programs with the ownership of employees and also track them effectively.
To efficiently implement and blend CSR within the company at a large scale, we have initiated building Regional CSR Councils (teams) at every region and at corporate level. The council has proved to be a think tank in ideating, discussing, supporting and building the CSR structure within the company. Many employees right from the restaurant teams to operations to HR and other departments have come forward to join the council and put forward their views and opinions. This in turn has resulted in building a resource for CSR at every region and corporate in order to efficiently plan and implement CSR initiatives.