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At JFL, we are constantly exploring and creating new opportunities. We are a dynamic and transformational organization focused on delivering a great customer and employee experience at every touch point. It is an environment of Learning through Doing, where every individual carries the spirit of entrepreneurship. It is where action supersedes talk. Where a difference in opinion is not only respected but nurtured.

Does talking, cooking or eating food from all corners of the world bring you joy?

Do you aspire to be a part of an organization transforming the digital landscape for not just business and people?

Does making it work excite you as much as developing the model?

Do you envision yourself in a culture that is built on respect, dignity and free of any bias?

Then join us and let’s begin a journey called Jubilant!


Great Place to Work certified

We are a ‘Great Place to Work’ certified organization in both India and Sri Lanka. This recognition is a testimony to an inspiring work environment we have built over the years, on the pillars of empowerment, mutual respect, high performance & meritocracy , D&I, everyday learning and meaningful career opportunities, which creates the perfect recipe for building great careers.


Campus - B-School Hiring

As a future talent pipeline, we hire Management Trainees from prime MBA schools in India. Most of the trainees are earmarked for core functions such as Operations, Sales, Marketing and Supply Chain Management. However, as a part of the 1-year training stint, they work end-to-end on multiple high stake projects in different departments. This multi-department exposure helps them understand the value chain of our business and also develops the crucial skills of Collaborating, Influencing and Adapting early on.

The Management Trainee program is a step towards developing leadership pipeline for the future and drive transformation within the organization.

Campus - Restaurant Management Hiring

We have extensively hired from various renowned IHMs for our managerial positions at our Restaurants. These management trainees undergo various stints of training at our Restaurants, which can range from 3 to 9 months depending upon the role. Upon completion, these trainees join us in managing the day-to-day Restaurant operations. This hiring model provides us a steady and healthy pipeline of hiring well-trained talent. 

Lateral Opportunities

In our constantly transforming world, new opportunities are being generated in various departments and geographies across our business units. We constituted a digital team and are proud to call it one of the best across industries. With our growing digital footprint, we are always on the lookout for talent that will set us apart. Apart from digital, we have various other exciting openings. Please click on view all jobs for more information.