• What is the Corporate Identity Number (CIN) of Jubilant FoodWorks Limited (JFL/Company)? L74899UP1995PLC043677
  • Where is Jubilant FoodWorks Limited (JFL) listed? Equity Shares of JFL are listed on National Stock Exchange (code JUBLFOOD) and Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd., Mumbai (code 533155).
  • Who is the Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA) of the Company? M/s Link Intime India (Pvt.) Limited
    Noble Heights, 1st Floor, Plot No 2
    C-1 Block lsc, Near Savitri Market
    Janakpuri, New Delhi – 110058
    Ph: +91 11 41410592 – 93 – 94
    Fax; +91 – 11 – 41410591
    Email: delhi@linkintime.co.in
  • What is Dematerialization of Shares ? This is a process whereby the shares held in physical form are converted into Electronic form.
  • What are the advantages of holding shares in Depository system? Depository System offers following advantages:
    • No chance of loss, theft or fraud of shares
    • Platform for Internet based trading
    • One demat account can hold shares of more than one Company
    • Presently, no stamp duty payable by transferee on purchase of shares
  • What is Rematerialisation of Shares? Re-materialization is the process of converting shares in electronic form into physical form. After re-materialization, the shareholder is given the share certificate covering the shares, hitherto held by him in electronic form
  • Why should the Shares be kept in joint names? It is advisable to register Shares in joint names in order to facilitate succession.
  • What is transmission of shares? Transmission of shares is the process of transfer of shares of the deceased shareholder(s) in the name(s) of the surviving family members without following the procedure for transfer of shares.

    For transmission of shares, shareholders are requested to write to:
    • Registrar and Transfer Agent of the Company (in case of securities held in physical form)
    • Their Depository Participant(s) (in case securities held in electronic form).
  • What is transposition of name(s)? Transposition of name(s) is the process of changing the sequence of name(s) as appearing on the Share Certificate(s) and in the Register of Members of the Company.