Our ambition is to be one of the most active companies in terms of social contribution in the food retail sector in India. CSR is one of the key avenues to remain connected to the community and be a responsible business by aligning our growth with the development of the society at large.

Key CSR Engagements

Leverage philanthropic
capital to create long term
impact through




Well-defined programs aligned with the ethos of the company Creating Sustainable Impact Involving the key stakeholders including employees, communities, customers

We have an outcome oriented approach to enable sustainable pathways for social development and environment conservation. We adopt a participatory multi-stakeholder approach that involves extensive engagement with all key stakeholders.

Our CSR initiatives are impact oriented and characterized by a detailed project implementation plan, well-defined governance and monitoring mechanisms and quantifiable performance metrics.

Our endeavour has been to leverage our efforts to create a catalytic impact in society and the environment.

Key CSR Engagements